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Lean Six Sigma Experts of New Mexico is a team of reliable consultants, trainers, and implementation experts. Our team of experts helps companies, high schools, and professionals enjoy the benefits that come along with Lean Six Sigma.   We’re a full-service company. It means you can avail of any and every Lean Six Sigma service that you need. So, contact our experts now and book your appointment. Read more for deeper insights on LSS and discover what services we offer.

LSS New Mexico Services

Services we offer

Lean Six Sigma Training

Achieving any Lean Six Sigma certification is a great choice to make. It can help you grow your business and your career too. However, it requires some rigorous efforts. There’s an exam for every certification, which you have to clear to get certified. And this exam is not an easy one which is why you need training.

Our company features reliable and experienced Lean Six Sigma trainers who’ll help you achieve the Lean Six Sigma certification of your choice. Our trainers will help you first choose the belt you’re eligible for, following which the training will begin.

Our courses and training sessions are pretty interactive and engaging. So, you won’t get bored during the process and will gain in-depth knowledge. Also, the trainers will ensure that you get certified for the chosen belt in the first go. 

Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Lean Six Sigma has tremendous benefits for every company that implements the principles in the right manner. And you can only implement the LSS in the right manner if you’re experienced or have someone who’s experienced on your side.

And this is why we’re here. Lean Six Sigma Experts of New Mexico have top-rated Lean Six Sigma consultants to help you implement. Our consultants will help you remove or eliminate defective processes from your company. They’ll also help you reduce variations in your system.

It actually helps is bringing inconsistency in your system. And this way you can deliver better to your customers. 

Lean Six Sigma Certification

The LSS certification is for the individuals or professionals in the quality management domain who want to scale their resume or want to become successful. However, you need to train and prepare for the exam which precedes the certification. Find the belts we can help you with below: –

  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt: The yellow belt certification is meant for individuals seeking entry-level information on Lean Six Sigma and its principles. It’s quite useful when you want to become a better team member and more professional towards your work.
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: It is for the individuals for want more information about the Lean Six Sigma methodologies. This belt or certification is tougher than the previous one to achieve but has more benefits too. You can lead small teams and projects with this certification. However, you’ll have to report to the black belts in such cases.  
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: It’s for the individuals seeking deep and practical information on Lean Six Sigma principles. The black belts lead teams and projects independently, but, unlike the green belts, they work under no one.

Black belts belong to the top management and guide the green and yellow belts in Lean Six Sigma projects.

LSS Curriculum for High School Students

You can also benefit high school students with the correct integration of Lean Six Sigma principalities. Not new many schools within the USA have implemented LSS and have benefited from the same. The yellow belt in the LSS helps students in developing important professional skills.

Also, the green belts make them capable of building strategies and making decisions based on real-time data and facts. Also, your students can learn problem-solving skills and stay ahead of their competitors in the years to come.  All in all, the benefits are huge. So, if you want your students to benefit from this, make sure to reach out to us and start the integration now!

LSS New Mexico-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students

Common Q&As regarding Lean Six Sigma

Below we have answered some common questions. You can go through them and find answers to your questions.

Ans. Below you can find the average time required by an individual to prepare for LSS exams.

  • Yellow Belt: 1-3 weeks
  • Black Belt: 1-3 months
  • Green Belt: 2-7 weeks

The above time may differ with your level of knowledge. It you want accurate information on the time required, you can contact Lean Six Sigma Experts of New Mexico.

Answer: It usually depends on what your requirements are and what you're eligible for. For most beginners, the yellow belt is the right option to opt for. And for the other belts, you can contact our professionals. They'll help you find the correct belt that suits your qualifications.

Answer: The most common belts that employees or professional opt for are:

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Answer: Neither is Six Sigma dead, nor it's expected to die in the coming years. It’s an important part of Lean Six Sigma and can be considered as LSS itself. LSS has benefits for individuals, companies, and even schools. And considering the present rate at which LSS is implemented, its future looks bright.

Answer: The exam you have to appear to get certified tests you for tactical skills and your knowledge on the LSS subject. So, yes, getting certified is hard. But you can make it easy if you prepare well and train with the help of our professional trainers.

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