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If you want deeper insights on the Lean Six Sigma Approach and how to implement it, you’ve come to the right spot. Lean Six Sigma Experts in New Mexico in your area will assist you with outstanding training facilities. We’ll help you learn the skills that would be of great use to you. Continue reading to learn more about Lean Six Sigma and the services we provide.

LSS New Mexico - Santa-Fe-NM

What is the Lean Six Sigma approach?

Lean Six Sigma is a paradigm that combines Lean concepts with Six Sigma goals. This collective structure provides outstanding assistance and is helpful to both individuals and businesses. The primary goal of LSS is to eliminate mistakes and reduce volatility in output. In general, Lean identifies the cause of variation, while Six Sigma guarantees to reduce variation by supplying a structure to the company and training staff.

Levels of certification

Certain levels of certification can be achieved by experience and techniques. The levels go from Yellow to Black Belt, where Yellow Is the most basic belt and Black is for experts and between them lies Green Belt which is for intermediates. Now let us know more about them.

  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt- Yellow Belt is the most basic and easy to attain. This belt is for newbies or individuals who have just been in the job field. The Yellow belt helps them to avail a better job than the others have. The Yellow belt holders are a part of the team but do not lead teams. They just guide others in their projects.
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt– Green Belt is for intermediates or those who have some experience. It is for individuals who are sharp-minded and strategic. They certainly have the yellow belt as they have proper knowledge of the certification. Green Belt holders sometimes help the Yellow belt holders guide them in various projects and in difficult situations. The Green Belt holders lead small teams and projects. But they work under the supervision of the Black belt holders.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt– Black belt is the most difficult level to achieve. This is the best level of certification. Sometimes people do not attain the green belt; they just prepare for the black belt, which is very difficult to attain. This belt is given to the most experienced individuals. Black Belt is for experts. These experts lead large teams and projects under their watch. They also keep a watch on green and yellow belt holders.

About us

Lean Six Sigma experts in New Mexico are qualified trainers and consultants who offer Lean Six Sigma-related services. Our company has the right strategies and tools to assist you with learning these certifications professionally and quickly.

Our staff makes an effort to clear all of your questions and assist you in obtaining a thorough understanding of the certifications. Our services are strategic and interactive, allowing you to learn and understand realistically and easily.

So, if you’re in Santa Fe and need deeper insights about this certification or have any questions, please contact us right away! We are always happy to serve you.

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