LSS New Mexico-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum For New Mexico High School Students

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A lot of people think about whether or not to implement Lean Six Sigma? Whether it is still relevant in today’s time or not? Do you think that this old age time of strategy is contributing significantly to the improvement of processes?

Will you believe that LSS is one of the most effective and useful strategies which aids organizations and individuals to meet their goal of effective procedures? Believe it or not, it is. Lean Six Sigma can work wonders if you implement it in the right manner.  At Lean Six Sigma Experts of New Mexico, we would not be using our precious time to teach and spread knowledge about a useless methodology that holds no value in the time to come. But instead, we are continuously improving our services and working for betterment so that our customers find them interactive and efficient.

LSS New Mexico-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students

To know more about Lean Six Sigma curriculum for High school students, you should consider reading this article. Some of the common queries are also mentioned alongside.

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students

Lean Six Sigma can be taught to high school students so that they can implement these techniques and apply them to solve problems of day-to-day life. The students benefit from it as it enables them to think out of the box. They open their creative mindset and work with consistent efforts. Working in a team also inculcates values which are basic and will aid them throughout in their life.

What are all programs developed for high school students in the Lean Six Sigma high school curriculum?

The different programs developed are as follows:

  • Lean Six Sigma yellow belt curriculum for high school students: It focuses on the basic principles. It involves all the tools and the knowledge a yellow belt student must have.
  • Lean Six Sigma green belt curriculum for high school students: All the analytical and problem-solving skills are inculcated among the students through this certification. They will gain practical knowledge about how to solve the issues, and the entire group can come to a common answer.
  • Digital marketing certification for high school students: The students will never fall short of options that they can learn. Digital marketing is something new and gaining preference in these times. It will help students to make their way smoothly into the market.
  • Lead generation certification for high school students: Leads are an important part of sales. The students appreciate this and enjoy it deeply through the process.
  • Leadership excellence curriculum for high school students: The students will turn into leaders in their own way. Various interactive classes with peer involvement occur at Lean Six Sigma Experts of New Mexico. At our organization, we conduct sessions where one to one interaction occurs between the trainers and the individuals

Commonly asked questions and answers about Lean Six Sigma are provided here.

Answer: Some people are hesitant to use Lean Six Sigma because of the belief that it is ineffective. Well, we must clear this misconception. This is not true. The methods contained in it have a long-term history of increasing revenue and decreasing wasteful processes and variation. It's the reason it's not surprising that the largest companies in the world are using it.

However, to acquire the benefits of Lean Six Sigma to its full potential, it is necessary to learn Lean Six Sigma principles. For this, you need to invest your money in some reputable organization such as Lean Six Sigma Experts of New Mexico. When your employees attend the training sessions, they will have the required skill and will contribute to the organization's productivity.

Answer: The Salary varies from the level of the certification you have attained. The most commonly observed amounts are:

  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt: $66k
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: $83k
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: $99k
  • Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt: $99k

Answer: Lean Six Sigma Experts of New Mexico has been providing yellow belt coaching for a long time. From what we have observed, Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt holders can be appointed as:

  • Continuous Improvement Manager
  • Manufacturing Team Leader
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Process Analyst
  • Production team leader
  • Business Consultant

Answer: the tools used in the Lean methodology are:

  • Kaizen (Continuous improvement)
  • Value stream mapping
  • 5S system
  • Kanban
  • Mistake proofing (POKA-YOKE)
  • Productive maintenance
  • Set up time reduction
  • Reduce lot sizes
  • Line balancing
  • Schedule leveling
  • Standardized work
  • Visual management

The tools used in Six Sigma methodology are:

  • Recognize
  • Define
  • Measure
  • Improve
  • Control
  • Standardize
  • Integrate


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