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Lean Six Sigma is based on the idea of management and team spirit. LSS is one of the most famous and widely attained certifications that helps you solve all management-related difficulties or problems. This certification helps you in managing and eliminating variations along with waste reduction techniques. Lean Six Sigma provides you a set of framework and rules that help you maintain your position in your company or your company in the market. This certification allows companies as well as individuals to do their best. 

On the other hand, this certification involves a considerable amount of planning, determination, and focus, for which you will require consultation and preparation from professionals such as Lean Six Sigma Experts of New Mexico. Our company provides the best services in this industry. Now let us know more about this certification.

LSS New Mexico - Los Alamos-NM

What is Lean Six Sigma Certification?

This certification is comprised of two distinct methodologies. One is Lean, which assists you in managing and reducing waste, i.e., non-valuable possessions to consumers or the business. Lean allows you to reduce waste while increasing the importance of your goods to consumers. On the other hand, Six Sigma lets you consider your true ability and the various plans and processes to ensure your company’s success. They are also completely safe and aid in the management of all fields of the company.

Levels of certification

You should be mindful that qualification for Lean Six Sigma requires belts. Individuals must apply for a belt and study for the test, and if they succeed, they will obtain the belt/certification. Here are a few Lean Six Sigma belts that we will assist you with.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt– The first standard of Lean Six Sigma qualification is the Yellow belt. This is intended for those who wish to learn more about the Lean Six Sigma methodology. A yellow belt raises your odds of landing a better career than most. You will gain more experience with this belt.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt– The second standard of the Lean Six Sigma certification is the Green belt. This belt is intended for those who have prior experience with and understanding of the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt– The third and most challenging rank to reach his black belt. People who earn this belt have more exposure and understanding of the Lean Six Sigma strategy than the Yellow and Green belt holders.

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