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Lean Six Sigma has been getting popular all because of the right reasons. It is a great way to improve the functioning and working of your company. It also impacts the career of the people in a great way. People and companies worldwide have been getting certified and getting their employees certified respectively every year. It is a complex process improvement methodology that focuses on reducing wastage and variations in the processes to ensure its efficiency. Lean Six Sigma is formed of the combination of Lean and Six Sigma. These are two separate strategies but that have the same target. If you want deeper insights into Lean Six Sigma, read along.


What is Lean?

Every process within a company leads to waste generation up to some extent. To control the waste production and cut the cost of production to some extent, Lean was developed. Lean is a set of various techniques, and its main aim is to eliminate the non-value-adding services from the processes that add nothing to the process but only lead to an increase in production costs. 

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is another strategy that is used to improve the overall capability of the company’s work processes by reducing the variations. It basically helps in reducing the defects in the processes that further will increase its quality. It has a great impact on the quality of the production, employee morale, and customer satisfaction.

Why is Lean Six Sigma training important?

There is a difference between learning and preparing by yourself for the Lean Six Sigma certification exam and getting trained professionally using the best approaches. LSS certification is a tough task. It takes great effort to successfully pass the exam. This is why you should come to us. We are the Lean Six Sigma Experts of New Mexico. We are a group of highly experienced and qualified trainers and expert consultants that will make your Lean Six Sigma certification journey simple and hassle-free.

Our training programs are very engaging and interesting. We will ensure that you are able to learn and grasp everything about the chosen certification. Apart from the certification, our training programs can help the learners improve the company’s and their own performance, develop their skills, and manage projects and teams. 

You will find hundreds of Lean Six Sigma training and consultation companies around you, but it would be much better to invest at a place that is actually worth your investment. Lean Six Sigma Experts of New Mexico provides you with the option of both online and in-house training. This is because our customer’s convenience is the topmost priority of our company.

Unlike the other companies, we do not just record the lectures and play that for you as online training sessions. Instead, all our lectures live so that our trainers can communicate with the learners, which helps get a better understanding of the concepts. Also, it helps us ensure knowledge transfer and achieve the best possible interests.

Let us talk about some of the most commonly asked questions about Lean Six Sigma Training

Ans. Most of the waste produced by a company is production-oriented and widely affects the production capability and cost of the company. Here are the wastes of Lean Manufacturing:

  • Overproduction
  • Defects
  • Non-Utilized Talent
  • Excess Processing
  • Transportation
  • Motion
  • Waiting
  • Inventory

Ans. Yes, it is possible to skip the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification. It is not a necessity for the Green Belt Certification. If you have enough knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma methodology, you can jump to the Green Belt. If you have no particular knowledge about Lean Six Sigma, we would recommend you take up the Yellow Belt training course first and then think about the higher Belts. It’ll help you take baby steps which is more effective than directly diving into a higher level.

Ans. According to the reports, all those who have got Lean Six Sigma certified have experienced many benefits. They have been contacted by a lot of employers based on their resumes. This is because the Lean Six Sigma certification is in high demand these days, and people are readily hiring candidates with the certification. So, yes, Lean Six Sigma does look good on the resume.

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely worth it. It is good for the entry-level candidates, the employees and people looking for better career opportunities, and the companies looking for growth in their businesses. It helps boost confidence and motivates the employees to work better, and makes them capable of handling big business improvement projects on their own.

Who should you contact?

If you have made a plan of getting a Lean Six Sigma certification, you are at the right place. We, Lean Six Sigma Experts of New Mexico, are here for your help. We are one of the top-rated Lean Six Sigma training and consultation companies in New Mexico. We are completely certified, highly experienced, and very trustworthy. 

Why should you come to us?

We, Lean Six Sigma Experts of New Mexico, have: 

  • Expert Consultants – Implementation of Lean Six Sigma principles is a very complex task. But with the guidance and assistance of our amazing consultants, the implementation process will become a little simple.
  • Best Trainers – The approach of teaching while training the people for the Lean Six Sigma certification matters a lot. Our trainers use various techniques and interesting approaches for your training. They will be putting a hundred percent effort into ensuring that you get certified successfully. 
  • Affordable Services – The services of our company are priced at pretty reasonable prices still there won’t be compromised in the quality of our work. 

If you want to improve your career as well as the working of your organization with the Lean Six Sigma certification, just contact us and get yourself registered. You can expect the best LSS services at affordable prices.

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